Lockable, Hanging, Zippered Bag

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Lockable, Hanging, Zippered Bag

You can store your products in a healthier way thanks to the structure of the Ziplock, Hanging, Zipper Bag that prevents 99% of air into the bag. Moreover, it can produce printed and unprinted. In this way, you will be able to give your customers your brand awareness and prestige in a stronger way.

Kaliteli Kilitli, Askılı, Fermuarlı Poşet üretimi için hemen Tiryakiler Plastik ile iletişime geçin!

Ziplock, Hanging, Zipper Bag Products Features;

  • Ziplock, Hanging, Zipper Bag provides a healthier product storage.
  • Due to the thin design of the transparent ziplock bag, the inside can be easily seen and the products can be easily distinguished.

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