PP Bag with and without PP Tape

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PP Bag with and without PP Tape

PP Bag with and without Tape (known as gelatin bag with and without tape) provides hygiene and protection of the product, allowing you to provide a better product to your customers. You can highlight details such as your company's logo and corporate colours on your transparent gelatin bag by applying printing process to the PP Bag with and without Tape.

Since the quality of the resulting product will be important for you and your customers, contact Tiryakiler Plastik, one of the leading companies in the sector in the production of PP Bag and Bagless Bag, immediately!

Gelatin Bag Specifications with and without Tape;


By stacking your products in taped gelatin bags, you maintain a more hygienic and corporate sales.
With your logo printed gelatin bags, you can give your customers a more prestigious image and create the perception of your brand in their minds.
It is produced in two ways, printed and unprinted.

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